Follow the instructions in the manual included in the box. Additionally, the Hikari Pro software is an optional download to further customise your Hikari Pro (Download available in the product page). Should you have any other questions regarding the set up, please contact us: Contact@crazeverse.com

The receiver is stored inside the shell. Gently lift up the cover from the LED strip side to access it.

To remove grease: use a hand wipe. AVOID using wipes with a large amount of liquid and AVOID using water.

To remove dust: use a soft bristle brush. Lightly brush the surface and sides of the mouse.  

The shell comes in two parts:
1) Body
2) Button
The body can be replaced by simply lifting it up.
The buttons require a screw driver to remove two screws.


Hybrid material, using a combination of Polyester and Nylon. Designed for optimized performance and durability.

Yes. However, in order to avoid damaging it, always roll the mousepad with the material side on the outside. 

1. Use a damp clean soft cloth

2. Add a small quantity of soap to the damp piece of cloth

3. Gently wipe the surface of the mousepad with the cloth in a clockwise rotation.

4. After wiping the mousepad completely, rinse it with water, AVOID hot water.

5. Let it dry for 12- 24 hours or until fully dry. Use a hair dryer from afar to speed up the process. AVOID drying under the sun.


Domestic - AU Within 1 - 5 Business Days

Europe: 1 - 5 Business Days

Worldwide: 6 - 12 Business Days.

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For any product or part that may become defective within 30 days, we offer a free replacement.

If any product or part becomes defective after 30 days of delivery (while still within the product’s warranty period), we will offer a free replacement, and you will only have to cover the shipping costs.

Warranty Period
2-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. 

The warranty only covers defects of products caused by manufacturing. It does not cover regular wear and tear, including but not limited to, accidental damage, breakage due to abuse, improper usage, water damage, etc. The Warranty also does not cover any cosmetic packaging damage that may be caused through shipping of goods to the customer.  

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